DJ Carrie

Carrie has been Djing ever since her days hanging out at the Fireside Bowl (RIP), where she saw only guys DJing, and knew she could show them all up. After a friend asked her to help DJ a wedding, she was hooked! She instantly fell in love with getting the dance floor grooving and shaking, and getting to play such a huge role in couples big day. After an impressive 8 year residency with another wedding dj company, Carrie decided to go out on her own, where she felt she could give her clients more individualized attention, and share her years of experience killing the dance floor and keeping guests of all ages happy. 

Carrie also works as a photo and food stylist in Chicago, where she has developed an insane sweet tooth! She lives with her husband, and their rescue chihuahua Reggie.


DJ Evan

Evan realized early on in high school that he was a music junkie.  Collecting mountains of tapes and CDs of different genres, a passion was found and a career path forged!  Under the tutoring of a school security guard who DJ-ed on the side, Evan bought a beginners sound system and started DJing his own school dances, then moving on to the weddings of family friends and building a network of people who loved his energetic style, fun music selections, joyous personality and genuine care for their event.  Carrying that same passion for music and a good dance party, Evan's DJ network grew into a diverse community of companies, schools, event halls, organizations and independent families. He is proud of his 20 plus years of experience as a freelance and company DJ and continues to love being a part of and celebrating a couples' big day, spinning '80s/'90's throwback tunes for college reunion parties, and DJing every other eclectic event under the sun!  A few final fun facts include a recent engagement to his sweetheart Anna this past July and an obsession with tasty homemade guacamole! 

DJ Leslie

DJ Leslie

Leslie picked up a sax in the sixth grade and yakety-yak never looked back! She discovered a love for indie music in high school when she was swindled by CD Now and purchased every artists' album from the My So Called Life soundtrack. She may have gotten grounded when her mom saw the bill, but it was worth it! Since then, she's been fortunate to play in the bands Bare Mutants, Outer Minds, and Girl Group Chicago, and sometimes DJs under the moniker, "Indiana Waterfalls". One who can never resist a wiggle, she lives for getting people out on the dance floor and swears there’s no such thing as a bad move! In her free time she enjoys honing her vegetarian culinary skills, going to shows, and working on her side project - Rascal Kids Mag.


DJ Windy Timmy

Tim (WindyTimmy) has been DJing for nearly two decades and has been a music fanatic since he was 5 years old - running around terrorizing his family while sing-screaming "might was well face it, you're a tic tic for love!" - his interpretation of Robert Palmer's "Addicted to Love".  His DJ career began at age 17, playing records at bars in Indianapolis.  This developed into much bigger gigs at late night spots upon moving to Chicago at 22.  It was at this time that he got his first taste of the wedding industry.  While working at a bakery in Lincoln Park, he would meet newly engaged couples during coming in for cake tastings.  He quickly connected that he could turn these tastings into DJ gigs! Thousands of events and weddings later, here we are!  While his methods and styles have evolved over the years, the overall goal remains the same, FUN FOR EVERYONE!  And we mean everyone! Hall & Oates for Aunt Janet - Kylie Minogue for your third cousin removed that flew in from Britain - Lil Yachty for your 15 year old nephew - Dean Martin for Grandpa John - along with all of your favorite music!  


DJ Dan Maloney

“DJ Dan Maloney was the most epic and awesome wedding DJ we could have imagined. Dan was a true pleasure to work with, bringing the perfect balance of professionalism and fun to the experience. My husband and I both love music, but we were kind of worried that the music we love most would not be the best to pump up the crowd at our wedding. Dan did an amazing job and created the perfect playlist that had me saying aloud multiple times, “I love this song!”