Meet The Team

Carrie Grucz



Carrie Grucz has been DJing ever since her days of hanging out at the punk dive bar Fireside Bowl (RIP), where she saw only guys DJing, and knew she could show them all up. Flash forward a few more years to when a friend asked Carrie to DJ her wedding, and she was hooked! She fell in love with getting the dance floor grooving and shaking, and getting to play such an important role in her couples big day and has never looked back. She started this company after working for a different local DJ company for 9 years, and brings her joy and style to every event she DJs.

Tim Quinlan



Tim (Windy Timmy) has been DJing for nearly two decades, and has been a music fanatic since he was 5 years old - running around terrorizing his family while sing-screaming "might as well face it, you're a tic tic for love!" - his interpretation of Robert Palmer's "Addicted to Love". His DJ career began at age 17, playing records at bars in Indianapolis, and he's never stopped!

Evan Hoffman



Evan realized early on in high school that he was a music junkie. Collecting mountains of tapes and CDs in every genre, a passion was formed and a career path born! Under the tutoring of a high school security guard, who DJ-ed on the side, Evan bought some gear and started DJing his own school dances. After a few years, he moved on to weddings, where couples love his energetic style, fun music selections, joyous personality, and genuine care foe their event.

Clare Kelly



DJ Clare loves music from head to toe. She even got in trouble once for breaking one of her dad's Fats Domino 45s- after wearing it as a ponytail holder of course. While DJing a friend's wedding, where she could keep four generations on the dance floor, Clare realized that helping couples keep their day special and their dance floor fun and full, was the gig for her!

Eric Lipe



Apparently Eric is the modest type, so we are gonna describe him with a recent review from one of his couples, "We can't say enough about Eric and his warm personality, his devotion to making it perfect for us, his willingness to work together, and his overall character. You don't meet too many people with that aura of goodness. He made the night special for us and he rocked it... Perfect soundtrack to the perfect night."

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Address: 2624 W Farragut Ave 2 Chicago, IL 60625

Phone: 618-509-0411



Mon - Fri: 10am - 5pm​

​Saturday: DJing!​

Sunday: closed