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Groove is in the Heart wedding DJ dance party


WHO are you?

Glad you asked! Groove is in the Heart is my small Dj company ready to rock your wedding, dance party, or event! I have been DJing weddings in Chicago and Detroit for over 7 years, so I know my way around a dance floor. From mo-town to hip hop to punk to soul, I specialize in non-cheesy tunes (think no line dances or chicken dance) that will have your guests feet covered in blisters from dancing so hard! I also rock the mic and MC your events such as toasts, introductions, and bouquet toss, but don't worry, I will not instruct anyone on how to whip, nae nae, or wobble. A good DJ should let the music speak for itself when it comes to the dance party.

I am also here to guide you through every aspect of your wedding. Me! No bait and switch here, or assigning you someone you've never met to DJ the most important day of your life. I take the time to meet with each of my clients in person before your big day, so I get to know you, your tastes, and your style! I also have a handy dandy "Must Play" and "Do NOT Play" list that I give to all clients to fill out, so that we are on the same page with your choices.