A perfectly curated playlist to match a perfectly curated wedding at Salvage One Chicago!

We just want to drop these amazing photos of our past November wedding right here! Right off the bat of meeting Sasha and David, we got a sense of this amazing couples unique vintage style and attention to detail and we knew this was going to be one or the books, or well, blog as it were. In helping this couple organize a day of schedule, we needed to make sure we had time to fit all their events in - from a sword champagne popping to a sparkler send off! We partnered with them to make sure the sequence of events made sense and had a good flow, as well as leaving enough time to hit the dance floor! As you can see, the results were just as stylish, fun and unique as Sasha and David are! 

After the saber champagne pop!
Moves like the karate kid
An Alkaline Trio sing a long moment
Sasha & Dave's epic send off