Tips for Toasts!

So, one of the things everyone gets nervous about is giving a perfect toast to the newlyweds at the reception. After seeing many fails and many successes, here are my tips for making a great toast! First of all, write it down! Seriously, do NOT try and do an off the cuff spontaneous speech. Chances are, you will get nervous, forget what you wanted to say, and end up rambling. Not the best.

Second of all, write it down on paper or note cards! This is not the time you want to type it on your iPhone only to have the battery die, or to be fumbling around with your passcode trying to unlock your screen while guests sit in silence. Plus it just looks like you didn’t prepare or try that hard, reading off your phone.

Lastly, practice makes perfect! Practice at home a few times in front of friends or in the mirror. That way, you will memorize some key points and wont have to just read off your notes!

If you are super nervous, you can always ask the DJ to practice with the mic before guests arrive too :)

Happy toasting!