Tips for Toasts!

So, one of the things everyone gets nervous about is giving a perfect toast to the newlyweds at the reception. After seeing many fails and many successes, here are my tips for making a great toast! First of all, write it down! Seriously, do NOT try and do an off the cuff spontaneous speech. Chances are, you will get nervous, forget what you wanted to say, and end up rambling. Not the best.

Second of all, write it down on paper or note cards! This is not the time you want to type it on your iPhone only to have the battery die, or to be fumbling around with your passcode trying to unlock your screen while guests sit in silence. Plus it just looks like you didn’t prepare or try that hard, reading off your phone.

Lastly, practice makes perfect! Practice at home a few times in front of friends or in the mirror. That way, you will memorize some key points and wont have to just read off your notes!

If you are super nervous, you can always ask the DJ to practice with the mic before guests arrive too :)

Happy toasting!

Thank you Claire!! I loved DJing your amazing (and hot) wedding at Homestead on the Roof!

"Everyone commented on the music from our wedding. It was our most consistent compliment, hands down. We got married on a rooftop on a 96 degree day in early June. It could have been a disaster, but I believe Carrie saved it. The music was so good people I had never seen hit the dance floor were drenched in sweat breaking it down. And the best part was, during the preparation Carrie just got us. It was the easiest part of the planning process and yielded the highest reward. We met once over drinks and told her the kind of radio we listen to, the songs that held meaning to us and a few bands we definitely hate. We told her the overall vibe we were going for and that once the bar opened we just wanted everyone to have a good time and let loose. She nailed every. song. And stood there on a 96 degree rooftop the entire time like a total pro. And she brought all her own equipment and didn't up-charge us for anything along the way. I would hire her again in a heartbeat." Claire Jenson on Wedding Wire



A perfectly curated playlist to match a perfectly curated wedding at Salvage One Chicago!

We just want to drop these amazing photos of our past November wedding right here! Right off the bat of meeting Sasha and David, we got a sense of this amazing couples unique vintage style and attention to detail and we knew this was going to be one or the books, or well, blog as it were. In helping this couple organize a day of schedule, we needed to make sure we had time to fit all their events in - from a sword champagne popping to a sparkler send off! We partnered with them to make sure the sequence of events made sense and had a good flow, as well as leaving enough time to hit the dance floor! As you can see, the results were just as stylish, fun and unique as Sasha and David are! 

After the saber champagne pop!
Moves like the karate kid
An Alkaline Trio sing a long moment
Sasha & Dave's epic send off

Need a little help picking a first dance song?

I often hear from my couples that they are having a hard time picking out a first dance song to dance to, so I've come up with these suggestions to help spark an idea! First off, I find it impossible to just hand over a list of suggested songs to my couples, and have them just pick a generic first dance off of that. Your first dance is a reflection of who you are as a couple, you want the words to be meaningful, but avoid any cliches. Originality is the key here! I like to ask my couples if there was a concert they shared that was special, or a band they both really love. If the song is longish (over 3 minutes) your DJ can always make adjustments like cutting off a slow beginning, or fading out before the ending. And don't be afraid of faster, upbeat songs for a first dance. They can be really fun and really sweet! Not everything at your wedding needs to be super serious, and I have seen many great first dance songs that were not slow dances. One last tip I like to give is to try out dancing to your song at home first. It might sound corny, but just put the song on your stereo, and dance with your fiancé to see how the song feels, and how it will feel to dance to in front of a group of people! Hope that helps!

-  Carrie